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Permanent Porcelain Dental Crowns in Raleigh

For many people, weakening teeth is a natural consequence of aging. For others, significant decay or wear and tear of large fillings can lead to weakening. This leads to further decay, as well as cracks in the tooth enamel, discoloration and other problems. If you’re concerned about the appearance or health of your teeth because of injuries or stress, then dental crowns may be the answer. At Night & Day Dental in Raleigh, we’re ready to provide you with solutions. Talk with the dentist to be sure that a crown is the answer, but you may want to consider this treatment option if you meet any of the following criteria:
  • Crowns that have become loose
  • Discoloration natural teeth
  • Ineffective metal or composite fillings
  • Protect teeth after a root canal
  • Strengthen artificial teeth
  • Tooth damage such as breaks and cracks
  • Weakened teeth that don’t function
Crowns give you a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix. Each dental crown fits completely over the tooth and is often used to strengthen a damaged tooth or improve its appearance. Created from high-quality porcelain, they support your existing teeth and lead to overall improvements in the appearance of your smile. They deliver a natural smile and the strength to withstand the chewing and wear and tear that are naturally a part of your day.

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If you’re suffering from weakened teeth and searching for a way to strengthen your smile, contact Night & Day in Raleigh. We can install dental implants or anything else you need, and our dental professionals are committed to making your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We look forward to helping you enjoy stronger teeth and a healthy smile. We also serve the communities of Charlotte, Durham and Chapel Hill, as well as Cary and Apex. Our number is 919-783-5677.
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