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When You Require Teeth Extractions in Raleigh

As you consult with the dentist in Raleigh about tooth pain or trouble with your bite, you may determine that a tooth extraction is necessary. There are several reasons that could prompt the decision to perform teeth extractions, including advanced tooth decay, significant periodontal disease or teeth that have been broken beyond repair. Other patients may have teeth that are impacted or are in the way of upcoming orthodontic procedures. It is important that you realize that the removal of just one tooth can lead to problems associated with chewing, the structure of your jaw and the stability of your remaining teeth. In order to avoid these complications, the dentists at Night & Day Dental may talk with you about the various options available to you rather than pulling a tooth. If you do decide to carry through with the extraction, the dentist will work with you to be sure that the procedure is as pain-free and convenient as possible.
In order to be sure that the process is painless, the dentist numbs the tooth and the surrounding area with a local anesthetic. The tooth will then be rocked until it is loose enough to pull, or the dentist will split the tooth into sections for removal. Sometimes enough teeth will be removed to provide room for dentures. Keep in mind that after the tooth or teeth have been pulled, there may be some discomfort, swelling or bleeding. Follow the instructions of the dentist to minimize the impact of these effects.

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