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Five Reasons to Get a Dental Exam

Five Reasons to Get a Dental Exam
An essential job of every dental office is to provide preventative care to their patients. A regular dental checkup at Night & Day Dental in Raleigh should be a twice-yearly part of everyone’s health care regiment. Scheduling a biannual exam is essential for the following five reasons:

Detects Cavities

When you come in for an appointment, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your oral health. We take x-rays and perform a physical exam to determine if there are any problem areas or cavities that have cropped up since the last time we saw you. Regular visits help us to keep up on your health and watch suspicious areas for signs of decay.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Oral health begins with proper teeth cleaning, both at home and in our office. Even perfect brushing won’t completely prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. Our modern equipment and gentle, effective methods ensure that when you leave our office you’re starting with a clean slate and polished teeth.

Whitens Teeth

If you drink coffee, tea or wine, your teeth will discolor over time. Tobacco use also stains teeth. Our polishing methods leave your teeth much whiter, so you can smile with confidence!

Improves Overall Health

Many studies have shown a link between dental and overall health. Our staff is able to check for a variety of dangerous medical conditions and make recommendations when further health care is necessary.

Saves Money

Regular office visits are truly preventative medicine. When we work as a team to care for your mouth, you will need fewer expensive procedures and have fewer costly oral problems.
Our friendly staff provides care for patients across Durham and Chapel Hill as well as in Cary and Apex. Let us care for your family and help you maintain a higher standard of health. Give us a call in Raleigh at 919-783-5677 to schedule an appointment.