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Dental Implants

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What Are Dental Implants?

Missing a tooth can be problematic for your dental and emotional health. With implants, our team is able to restore your smile and confidence. A dental implant consists of three elements – a synthetic root, an abutment, and a restoration. This restorative treatment can permanently replace your tooth and maintain your oral health.

How Can They Help?

Dental implants are placed into your jawbone for a more stable and long-lasting replacement. The titanium root is biocompatible and fuses with your jawbone for a solid foundation for your restoration. Once married with your bone, it is topped with a crown or denture to restore the function and look of your smile.

What Are the Benefits?

With a 98% success rate, patients love the benefits of dental implants. Here are few highlights:

  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Restoring function to your bite
  • Preserving your facial structure
  • Protecting the health of your teeth and jawbone

Guided Implants

Predictable technology for breathtaking results.
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The pursuit of dental technology is a mainstay across each of our convenient locations. In addition to our extended open hours, we strive to make your visit easier with increased efficiency. With this in mind, our offices are equipped with Cone Beam CT scanners for more accurate placement of dental implants.

Through the use of this modern equipment, our dentists in Cary and Charlotte are able to precisely plan your dental implant placement. They use the CBCT technology to capture 3-D x-rays of your skull and teeth, which gives them insight into where implants can go. Having a more rounded view of your mouth and jaw means we are able to plan the exact insertion points and produce more predictable outcomes. Our dental experts use the software to guide them through the implant procedure and also evaluate if you have enough bone to welcome implants.

When sufficient bone is not present, our skilled team uses bone preservation or grafting to boost the reserves to allow for a successful and esthetic implant placement.

Our CBCT scanners help improve the predictability of implant surgery, which means better results, improved recovery time, and a new smile you’ll love.

I live in SC and was in the area visiting. Circumstances did not allow me to visit a dentist during normal hours. I walked in at around 9 pm with a loose implant extension. I was in a bit of a panic. The staff was great! Dr. White was great! A short wait and I no longer had a screw loose! I recommend this practice to everyone. Day or Night THIS is the place.

Kathleen (Cary Patient)

Bone Grafting

Building a framework for your dental implants.
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For dental implants to be successful, strong, healthy bone is needed as a foundation to house the synthetic roots. Using our CBCT scanner, we are able to assess the integrity of your jawbone and diagnose if you are a candidate for implants. These 3D images highlight any bone that has negatively been affected by the missing tooth or teeth and may require a bone graft. It also shows our experts which areas need attention and the best course of action to take.

If bone grafting is required, it can help re-establish your jawbone so that an implant can be placed. If CBCT images show that bone grafting is needed, our skilled team is here to guide you through this treatment.

The procedure involves some minor surgery and can be performed by our Cary or Charlotte dentists. Grafting involves increasing your bone volume by taking healthy bone from one area of your body and placing it into the jaw. Alternatively, donor bone or synthetic bone can also be used.

Once the bone has bonded with your jaw, we take further images to evaluate the success and plan your dental implants. Bone grafting can help prevent further bone deterioration and can be the first step to a restored smile.

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