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Quick Tooth Fillings in Raleigh

quick tooth fillings
Once bacteria take up residence inside your mouth, they’ll be there for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, some bacteria are quite harmful, and the more you feed them, the worse they are for the health of your teeth. Dental plaque forms when bacteria produce a sticky acid that wears away at the surface of your teeth until cavities form or tooth decay sets in. In many cases, your best option is to get a tooth filling through our Raleigh dental office at Night & Day Dental. We use a comfortable procedure with anesthetic, work with patients to ease their concerns and employ high-tech procedures to remove tooth decay before adding dental fillings.

Cavity Solutions in Durham and Chapel Hill

If you have a cavity, you’ll be offered a number of different temporary or permanent solutions. After discussing these options with your dentist, you can choose the type of filling that you prefer:
  • Composite Resin: These fillings are made from a composite that closely matches the color of your teeth. This type is better than metal and is safer for your teeth.
  • Ceramic: This option is made of porcelain and is both long-lasting and attractive. If the porcelain gets damaged, there is the potential that opposing teeth could become worn down.
When possible, you should replace your silver fillings. Not only do people dislike the appearance of silver, but these amalgams may expand or contract and lead to cracks in the teeth and can be potentially harmful to your health as well. White fillings are a much more attractive and healthy option for many of our patients.

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If you have suffered the effects of cavities and would like to correct the problem with tooth-colored fillings, contact Night & Day Dental. We are ready to serve you whether you live in Charlotte,  Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill or Cary and Apex. Our number is 919-783-5677. Contact us to see a dentist.